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Sarath Babu Rayaprolu (VU3RSB)
Status : Admin
8-2-310/A/10/1, 2nd Floor
Ibrahim Nagar, Road No 10 Banjara Hills,
Hyderabad 500034
License : Restricted Grade
License issue date : 09/06/1994
License expire date : 05/11/2055
QSL manager : vu3rsb
longitude : 17° 24' 39'' N
latitude : 78° 27' 14'' E
Grid locator : MK97fj

Mr. Rayaprolu Sarath Babu, was attracted to the highly intellectual and astute method of Amateur Radio - Ham - in a very young age. Fortunately, his relations have visualized the outcome of his hobby and encouraged him to the hilt. Though the hobby started as a past-time hobby, he realized the importance of the Ham and the unlimited resources and communication capability of Ham within a short period. The important thing is that he has not discarded the responsibilities attached to the Ham. Rather, he invited them! Here the real Sarath will come into existence. Sarath - the VU3RSB -the most traveled, frequent Ham Net Surfer, Net Organizer, and originator of the few remarkable Nets.

In 2006, I am in VU4 Dxpedition in SSB / Digital Modes with Fellow Hams in the World in Andaman Islands more info: QSL Manager : F5CWU

I am a member in recent VU7 Dxepdition (VU7LD) member and operated in SSB / Digital with Rest of the World from Lakshadweep (Kavarati Island). QSL will be sent by ARSI.

In 2008, December 4-7, AS-199 (Nachugunta Island) will be activated with Special Callsign: AT2RS along with VU3FRK, VU2BGS & VU3KET.

Wellington Radio Club - Florida state of US - is one of the reputed HAM Radio operators of that side of the world. WRC (Wellington Radio Club) has appointed Mr. Sarath Babu as the Honorary Member of their prestigious club. Consequence to the work done by Mr. Sarath Babu at Gujarat Earth Quake - through which President & Editor - Larry Lazar, KS4NB of Wellington Radio Club got the contact with him, the board of directors appointed him as " OUR TOWERING TIMES’ Correspondent in India "

The excerpts from the above in November news letter where in that they have mentioned that (Second Time)

"In 2001, he kept us upto-date after the devastating Gujarat earthquake when 20,000 died and 600,000 were homeless. Sara did an outstanding job of reporting the victims’ suffering and needs as well as the sacrifices and heroism of his ham colleagues. His dedication and knowledge so impressed the Board of Directors that he was elected an Honorary Member of the Wellington Radio Club."

Member in VU4 Dxpedition - 2004 and Tsunami Emergency Communications in Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

Recently appointed as Liasion Officer-ARICC ( )

Amateur Radio International Communications Coalition International Radio Emergency Support Communications

Interest: DXpedition / IOTA / Fox Hunt / Field Days

Previous Callsigns: VU4NRO/VU4RBI, VU4AN, VU7LD, AU2RSB, AT2RS, AT7HFI


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